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Cardio Chicks Can Pump Iron Too: Tips on feeling comfortable in the weight room

Show of hands (for the ladies), how many of us will go straight to the cardio machines when we step into the gym. As someone who goes to the gym often, whether to do personal training or to train myself, I see most women go straight to the treadmill or elliptical. Is there a sign [...]

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Meatless Monday Episode 1: Lentils, Kale, Broccoli & Sweet Potato

Meatless Monday is something that my wife and I started to do a while ago. This week, I introduced it to my parents with reluctant acceptance. In an effort to create a healthier household full of more greens and vegetables, without dependence on meat, this was the second step. Over the last few months, both [...]

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Kettlebell Fat Burner Routine

Kettlebells are a great way to ramp up heart rate; the ultimate combination of cardio and strength. When done correctly, Kettlebell training not only works the posterior chain, meaning the back, butt and hamstrings, but it is a safe and effective way to strengthen shoulders and a great substitute for people who prefer not to [...]

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Quinoa Apple Muesli

As a personal trainer, clients often ask me what should I eat after workouts or after my run? If you’re looking for wheat free, gluten free, low sugar and low calorie option packed with fiber, protein, calcium and loads of other great nutrients essential for fat loss and weight loss, look no further than this [...]

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We All Scream For Ice Cream! (Or Do We?)

Even just the mention of this frozen, creamy dessert conjures up feelings of summer picnics, fast-food drive-ins and birthday parties galore. However, is it really something that we all should be enjoying with reckless abandon? Conventional, store-bought ice cream, although often a delicious and cooling treat on a hot day, contains ingredients which are questionable [...]


Fit In 15 Seconds

Fit in 15 Seconds – Episode 3

Posted  April 23, 2014  by  Admin

The Third Edition of our weekly Fit in 15 Seconds Series. A simple HIIT finisher for you from Xodus Fitness. San Francisco Bootcamps, Personal Training & Yoga Check us out Worldwide every Wednesday for workouts here or on Instagram Follow @XodusFitnessSF

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Fit In 15 Seconds

Fit in 15 Seconds – Episode 2 – Burpee HIIT

Posted  April 9, 2014  by  Admin

Check out this week’s Fit In 15 Seconds Wednesday Video Workout of the Week by Xodus Fitness Follow @FitIn15Seconds and @XodusFitnessSF on Instagram to get the workout protocol. Or follow us on Youtube to get updated weekly with the videos and protocols as soon as they’re posted. WORKOUT 3 rounds 2:1 ratio #Burpees #Stepup #FrogPushUp Warm [...]

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