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8 Keys to Understanding & Applying Sport-Specific Training

You may not consider yourself an athlete and you may not consider your clients athletes, but you probably participate in some form of sport or physical activity, whether it is basketball, cycling, tennis, golf, skiing, etc. And if you’re spending several hours per week in the gym, you want your training to have a positive […]

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Healthy Ramadan Fitness

Spiritual Strength: Getting Leaner & Stronger while Fasting for Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of year when we as Muslims take time to revitalize and strengthen the connection to our spiritual center. But just because we’re fasting, doesn’t mean that we have to wither away into physical weakness. Remember that a part of your faith includes taking care of yourself. Let me tell you a […]

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Fit in 15 Seconds – Episode 3

The Third Edition of our weekly Fit in 15 Seconds Series. A simple HIIT finisher for you from Xodus Fitness. San Francisco Bootcamps, Personal Training & Yoga http://www.xodusfitnesssf.com Check us out Worldwide every Wednesday for workouts here or on Instagram Follow @XodusFitnessSF