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Rich Thurman MA, CSCS CPT, ONNIT KB Specialist

Rich is Founder of Xodus Fitness in San Francisco California, which provides Personal Training, Yoga and Wellness Programs locally. Connect with Rich via Social Media or find out more at www.coachrichthurman.com

Is Sex Cardio?

A little risqué topic for you guys today. But I think I’ve earned the right to be risqué. It’s a part of life and clearing this up is no more than simple sex education basics. So here it is on this Funny Fitness Friday. Parental discretion is advised. Among the myriad of questions I’ve gotten […]

Incredible Hulk Protein Power Pancakes

Hey guys, I’ve been experimenting with my pancakes. I don’t think any pancake I make has ever been the same. I’m always trying something new; adding something, tweaking something, finding new supplements to add. I’ve been trying to get more holistic with my choice of protein powder and through my exploration, I’ve settled on a […]

7 Day Ramadan Workout Schedule

Working out during Ramadan is a challenge that most active Muslims face each and every year. Questions like, “when should I workout?” “what type of workout should I do?”, “what types of exercise programs should I do?” always arise. Back in 2011 in my exploration of the 30 Days of Ramadan, I found the first […]