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Rich Thurman MA, CSCS CPT, ONNIT KB Specialist

Rich is Founder of Xodus Fitness in San Francisco California, which provides Personal Training, Yoga and Wellness Programs locally. Connect with Rich via Social Media or find out more at www.coachrichthurman.com

2 Awesome Fat Burning Workout Finishers

Fat Burning and losing weight are typically the goals of most people who workout these days. Often times I tell my clients that losing weight should not be the primary objective, but to burn fat and reduce inches should be the target. What I find however is that most people are not working nearly as hard to […]

5 Things this Strength Coach Learned from Practicing Yoga

I’ve been a Strength Coach for nearly 15 years and over that time I have continued to evolve. At times I thought I’d like to hang up my coaching card and do some other job. What has kept me doing this has been the people I’ve met over the years and the lives that I’ve […]

3 TRX Hip Flexor Stretches for Tight Hips

TRX Hip Flexor Stretches for tight Hips: The TRX is a very versatile piece of equipment. Not only can you do exercises with it, but what many people don’t realize is that it’s great for assisted stretches as well. The Hip Flexors are the muscles that attach themselves at the front of the hips allowing […]