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Improve your Runs by Mixing it up

Yana Ibrahim
Running on the treadmill at the same speed and distance every other day can be monotonous. San Francisco has so many options to keep things interesting.  Here are a few tips to make sure your runs are never boring: Change the Intensity. Interval training changes the pace of your runs. Alternate between fast and slow […]

5 Great Back Training Tips

Getting your back on track is essential to posture, muscular balance and core strength. Often times the back is neglected for muscles we’re more familiar with and see every day, like the chest, arms and stomach. But did you know that your back is also a part of your core? That’s right. Your back muscles […]

5 Tips to Better Back Health for Tech Types

You’re young and active, just got out of college not too long ago; but you’re starting to feel old…Well, you’re not feeling old, but your body is starting to speak to you in ways that it never has before. Suddenly you’re not recovering as fast as you used to and little things are becoming bigger […]