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Redefining Functional Training

Irving Henson
The sole goal of functional training is to enable the practitioner to function more effeciently. Like any workout regime, it requires planning and progression. There are a few factors to make functional training functional. 1) Muscle balance: If you have a tight muscle for example, a tight hamstring, doing single legged deadlifts though a “functional […]

TRX Flow Lower Body Video

One of the cool things about the TRX is that there is an endless variety of combinations of exercises that you can do. Mix and match and create your own flow. All it takes is a little planning and you can create a 3, 4 or 5 exercise flow. It’s a great way to challenge […]

TRX Pike Flow Video

The TRX is a versatile tool allowing you to train anywhere. All you need is a high anchor point to attach your TRX and you’re good to go. There are tons of exercises and when you mix them into a continuous circuit you can create a cool flow to your workouts. Check out this Pike […]