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WTF!? Not Everyone Wants to be Conan

Look, I get it… Everyone on both ends of the Fitness spectrum believes their methods, their exercises, their activities are superior. On the extreme end of Yoga, Pilates, etc, there is the belief that it is THE only way to human body optimization and overall health. Then we have the guys who are all about […]

Squat Walkout: Movement Prep

Movement Prep should be an essential part of every person’s workout. Mobilizing the hips are very important not only to protecting the joint from damage, but to achieving better movement during your working sets. I like to use this particular movement for slightly more advanced clients as it combines multiple movements. This is one of […]

Bodyweight Chest Workout Challenge

Bodyweight Chest Workout Challenge Who needs fancy equipment when you’ve got the best equipment money can’t buy? Your Body! That’s right, I’m talking about your own body… Often times we make so many excuses about why we’re unable to get fit or find the time to workout. Actually, just a little can go a long […]