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Strong Glutes for Increased Sports Performance

Many people neglect glut training, failing to realize the significant impact the gluts have on fat loss, power production and overall increase in body performance and productivity. Rich Thurman, a personal trainer in Bangkok explains why you should work the gluts into your regular routine.

Incredible Hulk Protein Power Pancakes

Hey guys, I’ve been experimenting with my pancakes. I don’t think any pancake I make has ever been the same. I’m always trying something new; adding something, tweaking something, finding new supplements to add. I’ve been trying to get more holistic with my choice of protein powder and through my exploration, I’ve settled on a […]

Staying Fit While Pregnant PT 3: Post Season

Yana Ibrahim
Working out to stay fit while pregnant was quite a challenge as I discussed in Part II of my pregnancy fitness series. As I got closer to my due date though, I wondered what things would be like once the baby was here. Everyone told me things like, “You’ll be on the Baby’s time” or “You’ll […]