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Youth Health Series: What should my child eat?

Often times we as adults don’t even know what to eat for a healthy and balanced diet, so when we become parents, this spills over to our children. What should my child eat? A good question to ask is, what shouldn’t my child eat? Well, the simplest answer is to ask, would I feed my […]

Sweet Potato Burger

The Sweet Potato is a magical thing. I can recall being a young boy and my grandmother making Sweet Potato Pie. Now my sister has taken over those responsibilities and she’s performed admirably. But nothing beats Grandma’s pies. Those days are gone, but the Sweet Potato still remains. What I didn’t know at the time […]

Christmas Conundrum: Lose weight while still enjoying holiday parties

It’s December 1st and the inevitable time is upon us once again. It’s no surprise to us but each year we act like it’s something we didn’t see coming…What am I talking about? I’m referring to the office Christmas parties, family parties, parties with friends, random Christmas cookies brought into the office, the wine, the […]