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Fitness Business 101: 3 Tips to Get Started as a Personal Trainer

There are many paths to getting involved in the fitness industry and there are all types of different jobs within this industry to choose from. Personal Training is the most commonly considered job when people think of fitness. Many people ask me, “Well how did you get started as a Personal Trainer?” and every year […]

Top 3 Tips to Keep the Holiday Weight Off

Yana Ibrahim
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is here. It’s that time of the year that we enjoy the most but dread the most too because of the potential to lose control during feasting time. Here are a few simple steps to keep the Holiday Weight off: Getting enough Rest – Lack of sleep have been proven […]

7 Day Ramadan Workout Schedule

Working out during Ramadan is a challenge that most active Muslims face each and every year. Questions like, “when should I workout?” “what type of workout should I do?”, “what types of exercise programs should I do?” always arise. Back in 2011 in my exploration of the 30 Days of Ramadan, I found the first […]