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Nutritional Value; Comparing Quinoa, Wheat & Rice

Rice is a staple of many cultures, but just because your ancestors ate it does this mean you're required to do so as well? When speaking about nutrition and attempting to change your body foods become a valuable asset. The more valuable foods should find their way into your diet while the less valuable foods should be limited. Take a look at the comparisons of these three grains for yourself.

Redefining Functional Training

Irving Henson
The sole goal of functional training is to enable the practitioner to function more effeciently. Like any workout regime, it requires planning and progression. There are a few factors to make functional training functional. 1) Muscle balance: If you have a tight muscle for example, a tight hamstring, doing single legged deadlifts though a “functional […]

Youth Health Series: Is your child eating enough?

I’ve had the opportunity to train many children from various age groups. Many things often go overlooked when working with kids and it’s typically along the lines of nutrition. With obesity being a big problem among young people, we often only consider the junk food that kids eat. Many times we also overlook the young […]