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Sweet Potato Burger

The Sweet Potato is a magical thing. I can recall being a young boy and my grandmother making Sweet Potato Pie. Now my sister has taken over those responsibilities and she’s performed admirably. But nothing beats Grandma’s pies. Those days are gone, but the Sweet Potato still remains. What I didn’t know at the time […]

Quinoa Apple Muesli

As a personal trainer, clients often ask me what should I eat after workouts or after my run? If you’re looking for wheat free, gluten free, low sugar and low calorie option packed with fiber, protein, calcium and loads of other great nutrients essential for fat loss and weight loss, look no further than this […]

Strong Glutes for Increased Sports Performance

Many people neglect glut training, failing to realize the significant impact the gluts have on fat loss, power production and overall increase in body performance and productivity. Rich Thurman, a personal trainer in Bangkok explains why you should work the gluts into your regular routine.