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Less Stress, Lose Fat & Maintain Muscle

We often talk about stress levels and how they affect your body, health and overall fitness gains or fat loss. Although stress can be useful to the body in short duration and small amounts, and is a key factor in your body’s metabolism of fats; stress can be a serious roadblock to most physical gains. […]

2 Awesome Fat Burning Workout Finishers

Fat Burning and losing weight are typically the goals of most people who workout these days. Often times I tell my clients that losing weight should not be the primary objective, but to burn fat and reduce inches should be the target. What I find however is that most people are not working nearly as hard to […]

Core Training Explained to the Lay Man.

Irving Henson
First, let’s define the word. According to dictionary.com (Okay,so I’m cheap and use free online dictionaries): Core – the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. The body’s core consists of 29 muscles in the lumbo-pelvic-hip region. It’s not just your abs and lower back. It consists of 2 main parts. The inner and […]