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What’s All This Talk About ‘Raw Food’?

You might have seen reference to the raw food movement, raw food recipes, or a raw food ‘diet’ floating around Facebook, the blogosphere or television lately. Just what is all this hype about, anyway? What is meant by the term ‘raw food’? Raw cuisine, in its mainstream movement, describes the use of plant-based nutrition sources […]

4 Kettlebell Squat Moves You Should be Doing

The squat is one of the most fundamental moves in all of exercise. It is the foundation for so many functional patterns in life and should be a part of everyone’s workout regime. Kettlebells have grown in popularity over the years, but have been around for ages. This popularity unfortunately lends itself to overzealous beginners […]

3 Foolproof Tips to Stay Fit during the Holiday Season

The holidays are here and so begins the onslaught of foods and tasty treats. Party after party is serving up snacks, pastries and drinks that are sure to get that waistline bulging. It doesn’t take long to do damage to everything you’ve worked so hard to keep in check all year as those fat cells […]