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Running Injury Free Tips

Yana Ibrahim
All runners would like to keep running injury free. Here are a few tips in making sure you run safe and strong: Warm-ups and cool-down are essential. Warming-up means just that- warming the muscles to get them into action before activity. Increase the range of motion of muscles in the lower body by performing dynamic stretching […]

5 Great Back Training Tips

Yana Ibrahim

Is Personal Training or Group Training right for You?

Question: Is Personal Training or Group Training right for YOU? Answer: It depends on the individual person. Some people thrive in group settings, but others need more attention to their personal details and goals. Here’s a list of comparisons between personal training and group training. Personal Training Group Training Personal Training gives you individual attention for your specific […]

Fitness Business 101: 3 Tips to Get Started as a Personal Trainer

There are many paths to getting involved in the fitness industry and there are all types of different jobs within this industry to choose from. Personal Training is the most commonly considered job when people think of fitness. Many people ask me, “Well how did you get started as a Personal Trainer?” and every year […]