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Three *NEW* Green Smoothie Recipes

The Green Smoothie Revolution will not be televised. We launched a 30 day challenge on Feb 1st, 2011, but you can start your green smoothie challenge at any time. The challenge is simple. You don’t have to diet. You don’t have to take anything out of your daily diet. Just add a green smoothie to […]

Improve your Runs by Mixing it up

Yana Ibrahim
Running on the treadmill at the same speed and distance every other day can be monotonous. San Francisco has so many options to keep things interesting. ¬†Here are a few tips to make sure your runs are never boring: Change the Intensity. Interval training changes the pace of your runs. Alternate between fast and slow […]

Nutritional Value; Comparing Quinoa, Wheat & Rice

Rice is a staple of many cultures, but just because your ancestors ate it does this mean you're required to do so as well? When speaking about nutrition and attempting to change your body foods become a valuable asset. The more valuable foods should find their way into your diet while the less valuable foods should be limited. Take a look at the comparisons of these three grains for yourself.