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Christmas Conundrum: Lose weight while still enjoying holiday parties

It’s December 1st and the inevitable time is upon us once again. It’s no surprise to us but each year we act like it’s something we didn’t see coming…What am I talking about? I’m referring to the office Christmas parties, family parties, parties with friends, random Christmas cookies brought into the office, the wine, the […]

Top 3 Tips to Keep the Holiday Weight Off

Yana Ibrahim
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is here. It’s that time of the year that we enjoy the most but dread the most too because of the potential to lose control during feasting time. Here are a few simple steps to keep the Holiday Weight off: Getting enough Rest – Lack of sleep have been proven […]

3 Foolproof Tips to Stay Fit during the Holiday Season

The holidays are here and so begins the onslaught of foods and tasty treats. Party after party is serving up snacks, pastries and drinks that are sure to get that waistline bulging. It doesn’t take long to do damage to everything you’ve worked so hard to keep in check all year as those fat cells […]