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Two Awesome Movement Prep Exercises for Hip Mobility

Generally most people have fairly tight hips. Sitting among other things is one of the biggest culprit to Hip Immobility. Of course a lack of stretching and movement into certain ranges also contributes heavily to most people’s lack of mobility in the hips. Most people don’t perform any form of warmup Movement Preparation is essential […]

Running Injury Free Tips

Yana Ibrahim
All runners would like to keep running injury free. Here are a few tips in making sure you run safe and strong: Warm-ups and cool-down are essential. Warming-up means just that- warming the muscles to get them into action before activity. Increase the range of motion of muscles in the lower body by performing dynamic stretching […]

5 Great Back Training Tips

Yana Ibrahim

5 Tips to Better Back Health for Tech Types

You’re young and active, just got out of college not too long ago; but you’re starting to feel old…Well, you’re not feeling old, but your body is starting to speak to you in ways that it never has before. Suddenly you’re not recovering as fast as you used to and little things are becoming bigger […]