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Top 10 Fitness Tips to Help You Succeed

In order to be successful within the realm of fitness, whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle, fit into those old jeans or just get healthy, we need a little help. So here are some tips to keep you moving towards your fitness success. Remember success belongs to you and no one can define it […]

Algebra: Solve Your Weight Loss Problem

Anyone who knows me knows that I love analogies, metaphors, etc… I’m a huge fan of lyrically creative and mentally challenging Hip Hop rhyme skills, which is lacking in most of today’s popular music. But that’s another story for another day, on another website… Today it’s all about weight and how to solve that incessant […]

WTF!? Not Everyone Wants to be Conan

Look, I get it… Everyone on both ends of the Fitness spectrum believes their methods, their exercises, their activities are superior. On the extreme end of Yoga, Pilates, etc, there is the belief that it is THE only way to human body optimization and overall health. Then we have the guys who are all about […]