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Hardy Minestrone Soup

Yana Ibrahim
My husband and I bought a juicer a while back and were looking at the amount of leftover pulp thinking “there must be something we can do with this?” So I started looking up ideas for what to do with leftover Pulp. I found some really cool recipe for inspiration. Recently I made a Kale, […]

Apple Kale Power Juice Recipe

Yana Ibrahim

Meat & Nuts for Breakfast?

People often ask me, who are my gurus? Well, one of them is Charles Poliquin and recently I read an interesting article by him. It was not only interesting to read, but interesting to try for myself. Charles Poliquin states in one of his recent nutrition articles that a rotating meat and nut breakfast is […]

7 Healthy Eating Tips for Ramadan

With the holy month of Ramadan quickly approaching, Muslims around the world prepare to fast from food, water and sexual activity for a period of 30 days during daylight hours. This is not only a period of purification of heart, body and mind, but a time for those who practice the Islamic faith to practice […]