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Increase Fiber for Fat Loss

Exercise alone will never get you the fat loss results you desire. It is only through exercise and well balanced nutrition that you will be able to shed those extra kilos and lose body fat. Take a look at how fiber and fat loss coincide with each other.

What’s All This Talk About ‘Raw Food’?

You might have seen reference to the raw food movement, raw food recipes, or a raw food ‘diet’ floating around Facebook, the blogosphere or television lately. Just what is all this hype about, anyway? What is meant by the term ‘raw food’? Raw cuisine, in its mainstream movement, describes the use of plant-based nutrition sources […]

Preemptive Strike: Lose Weight & Get in Shape before January

Everybody waits until the New Year to fulfill a promise to themselves; a resolution to get in shape, lose weight, run their first marathon or quit smoking and drinking. Why wait? Why not make a preemptive strike on your fitness? The holiday season is approaching and with that comes a wide array of gatherings, from […]