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Spitfire Athlete: Two Strong Women are Changing the Fitness App Game

Recently, I invited Erin Parker to guest speak to my Sports Management students at San Francisco State University. I was so happy when she accepted, because I knew she could provide valuable insight to my students regarding the Fitness industry and Technology as well as her experience as a woman of color in both Fitness […]

4 Unconventional but Functional Exercises With Your Baby

Yana Ibrahim
A few weeks ago my husband and I were working out and noticed how much interest our nearly 4 month old baby boy was taking in our workout. He’d smile and make faces at the things we did. Sometimes, I think he thinks we’re making these workout faces at him or something. “No honey, this […]

Plank to Pushup

Yana Ibrahim

5 Unconventional But Functional Exercises With Your Baby

As a new father of a 3 Month old it’s been tough to fit in workouts. My wife and I, being Personal Trainers have to work extra hard to maintain our fitness levels throughout these early stages of our child’s life. 

We want to lead by example and in order to do this we must […]