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Lose More Body Fat Today

We all want to have a great shaped body. Guys want six pack abs and ladies want a nice butt and legs. Do you really know how to achieve this? Well a lot of us go to the gym and workout, but what else can we do to get the fitness results that we want? […]

Less Stress, Lose Fat & Maintain Muscle

We often talk about stress levels and how they affect your body, health and overall fitness gains or fat loss. Although stress can be useful to the body in short duration and small amounts, and is a key factor in your body’s metabolism of fats; stress can be a serious roadblock to most physical gains. […]

7 Healthy Eating Tips for Ramadan

With the holy month of Ramadan quickly approaching, Muslims around the world prepare to fast from food, water and sexual activity for a period of 30 days during daylight hours. This is not only a period of purification of heart, body and mind, but a time for those who practice the Islamic faith to practice […]