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Bodyweight Chest Workout Challenge

Bodyweight Chest Workout Challenge Who needs fancy equipment when you’ve got the best equipment money can’t buy? Your Body! That’s right, I’m talking about your own body… Often times we make so many excuses about why we’re unable to get fit or find the time to workout. Actually, just a little can go a long […]

Workout of the Month: Kettlebell Lower Body HIIT

Kettlebells have been back for quite some time. However, some people still don’t quite know what to do with them. If you haven’t been properly instructed on how to use them, then I recommend consulting with a Personal Trainer or Strength & Conditioning Coach. The cool thing about Kettlebells is they don’t require a lot […]

2 Awesome Fat Burning Workout Finishers

Fat Burning and losing weight are typically the goals of most people who workout these days. Often times I tell my clients that losing weight should not be the primary objective, but to burn fat and reduce inches should be the target. What I find however is that most people are not working nearly as hard to […]