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Youth Health Series: All children are athletes

We have reached a point now where we categorize kids and we herd them like cattle down a path to a predetermined destination. Gone are the days of creativity and self expression. From the music on the radio to the playing field we have now cookie cut and decided the outcome long in advance. Music […]

Youth Health Series: Preventing Knee Injuries in Girls

As more and more girls enter the realm of sports and fitness, and as fitness professionals and physical education teachers try to promote better health and fitness among children; the challenges to keep children (in particular girls) injury free becomes a greater concern. In a world where we strive for equality among race and gender […]

Youth Health Series: What should my child eat?

Often times we as adults don’t even know what to eat for a healthy and balanced diet, so when we become parents, this spills over to our children. What should my child eat? A good question to ask is, what shouldn’t my child eat? Well, the simplest answer is to ask, would I feed my […]