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California Spinach Omelet Recipe

During the five years I lived in Thailand I went from making due without a fridge and simply preparing what I need each day to inheriting a fridge, steamer and juicer which has sustained my diet for all of this time. I mainly ate steamed foods or fresh, raw foods unless I was dining out. For this […]

Algebra: Solve Your Weight Loss Problem

Anyone who knows me knows that I love analogies, metaphors, etc… I’m a huge fan of lyrically creative and mentally challenging Hip Hop rhyme skills, which is lacking in most of today’s popular music. But that’s another story for another day, on another website… Today it’s all about weight and how to solve that incessant […]

7 Tips to Improve Flexibility & Mobility

I’ll never forget the first time I arrived in Korea. I had set aside Personal Training for a while to venture across the planet in search of something different. I became a public school teacher in Incheon, South Korea. My first day of school I was shocked when I went into the bathroom stall and […]