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2 Ingredient Green Protein Pancake Recipe

I came across this awesome recipe from Food Matters and decided to try it out with a twist. I know, I know… The title says this protein pancake has just 2 Ingredient because the original post by Food Matters only had two ingredients. (Banana and Egg). I decided to add a couple of optional ingredients […]

California Spinach Omelet Recipe

During the five years I lived in Thailand I went from making due without a fridge and simply preparing what I need each day to inheriting a fridge, steamer and juicer which has sustained my diet for all of this time. I mainly ate steamed foods or fresh, raw foods unless I was dining out. For this […]

Incredible Hulk Protein Power Pancakes

Hey guys, I’ve been experimenting with my pancakes. I don’t think any pancake I make has ever been the same. I’m always trying something new; adding something, tweaking something, finding new supplements to add. I’ve been trying to get more holistic with my choice of protein powder and through my exploration, I’ve settled on a […]